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Jonathan Again Multi-purpose Co-operative Society (JAMPCS) is a private initiative of several patriotic Nigerians with membership open to everybody above the age of 18 years. Jonathan Again is been funded by members of JAMPCS and donations from people that believe in the transformation agenda of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Registration fee with JAMPCS is Ten thousand Naira, which is subject to review from time to time. Members of JAMPCS that are inactive financially after three months, would have to re-register with the latest registration fee with JAMPCS. Monthly dues for members of JAMPCS is two thousand Naira with pioneer members (from February, 2014) having special benefits. However, new members who pay monthly dues from February, 2014 could enjoy similar benefits. Benefits for members of JAMPCS are numerous including fifty percent (50%) of revenues generated from investments made by JAMPCS which is shared equally to every financially compliant pioneer member of JAMPCS. Members of JAMPCS would get all relevant information from this website and meetings would be held from time to time.